Thursday, January 26, 2006

Everybody's going home again

So what?

Was the most influential television show of the last 20 years Ed and NOT Seinfeld or The Simpsons or NYPD Blue or The Sopranos like we all thought it was?

I mean. . .nobody even WATCHED Ed (well, I did, but I'm a freak), but the general themes of a guy who's ready to settle down and/or a guy coming back home after a lengthy absence are EVERYwhere this season and next pilot season (go over to futoncritic and count ALL of the pilots in development about screenwriters who have to go home and discover themselves. . .I dare you).

Consider. . .

--"How I Met Your Mother"--Twentysomething guy decides he's ready to get married and shoos the single life away. This is generally seen as a good thing.

--"Love Monkey" -- Thirtysomething guy is beginning to get tired of the dating scene. Could it be he's ready to settle down with his longtime friend? America hopes so!

--"Crumbs" -- Screenwriter comes home to his crazy family to discover himself, get his writing mojo back.

That's three selected AT RANDOM. And MY pilot script features someone coming home (though they're not a screenwriter, thank goodness) after a long time away.

Clearly, we all feel the need to find home and/or companionship (or at least everyone at the networks does).

Or we all really liked Ed.


Moses said...

I think it's just a general theme going around these days. For filmic equivalents, consider Garden State and Elizabethtown. It's a natural result from the quarterlife crisis malaise that's especially common amongst young creative types (who write screenplays and television pilots).

Bean said...

Who didn't like Ed?

No one, that's who.