Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Quick thoughts

First, let's hear from my oldest friend, Andy Farke, on his problems with Bones, which are more, er, technical than mine. . .

I remember the episode of Bones (the one with the mummy found in the wall of the club) where they rehydrated the hand of the mummy and peeled off the skin. Bones then wore the hand skin like a glove to take fingerprints. I want to know how she was able to do this--the skin on the hand is about as attached as anything I've ever seen. It's tough enough to skin a fresh hand, let alone one that's been dried out and rehydrated. . .ah well, I guess no show is perfect.

See? You learn things reading this blog!

Obviously, none of you have ever had to ride on a long bus trip with him while he points out the inaccuracies in Anaconda.

Now. . .some brief thoughts on random episodes of television. . .

The Simpsons -- Paternity Coot (originally aired 1/8/06): I have never been one to say that The Simpsons has completely lost it. It's still amusing and it makes me grin, even if it is a shadow of its former self all too often.

But I can see where the problems arise from. When you've got this many episodes, ESPECIALLY when you burn off three or four plots per episode as these writers tend to do, you can't help but twist some of your central relationships beyond repair.

Honestly, having Mother Simpson have an affair with another man cheapens (to some degree) the sentiments expressed in the episode of the same name from season seven.

Or maybe I'm just getting old and set in my ways.

How I Met Your Mother -- The Wedding (originally aired 1/9/06): I never quite know what to make of this show. It has some deft writing, and the supporting characters can be a lot of fun, but the central couple is often horribly mis-written, even if they have remarkable chemistry. But it also misses the mark a lot. I watch it every week with a tight little smile on my face, ready to laugh at all times, but rarely getting to.

That said, it DOES seem to be the first show targeted at people of my generation. Hence the references to the Ickey Shuffle, etc. in previous episodes.

I don't know if telling us from episode one that Robin wasn't "the one" was a smart move or not, but it really gives the whole thing a sense of fatalism that's odd for a sitcom.

Also, bonus points for showing us how every other CBS sitcom came to be: the ugly guy marrying the hot girl.

Gilmore Girls -- The Perfect Dress (originally aired 1/10/06): I also watch this show with a smile on my face, but that's a gracious one. The Girls can be a little too self-indulgent at times (this is maybe the only show on TV to do episodes where LITERALLY nothing happens), but when they're on, they fire on all cylinders in a way few shows ever have.

If it took that aimless first third of the season to bring us to a point where every character on the show has multiple storylines spinning around in the air, so be it.

Long live the Palladinos!

Clearly, I watch too much television.

Tomorrow, before I go to Vegas, thoughts on my writing "career" and (if you're lucky) the top ten shows of 2005.


Daniel said...

You are way too god damned harsh on HIMYM. It makes me LIKE YOU LESS.

Todd VanDerWerff said...

I have liked most of its episodes so far.

It's just that the quality veers SO wildly when the show's creators don't write an episode.

There I go, falsely promoting the TV auteur theory again!