Tuesday, January 03, 2006

You say you want a revolution (two years too late)?

The other night, as we were all making predictions for the year 2006 at the sort of highly cultured New Year's Eve party a man-about-town such as myself has been known to attend (my prediction was the defection of John McCain and Barack Obama from their respective parties to reform the wondrous Whig party), my good friend Mark said that he thought 2006 would be the year when the media love affair with blogs would unequivocally end.

I am fairly certain that I will have something to do with this, so here I am!

At any rate, I much prefer blogs that serve some sort of purpose other than post-adolescent whining and whinging, so I'm going to attempt to use this blog for a few purposes.


1.) Television criticism. Most of the TV criticism out there is pretty bad. And if my film criticism hero David Edelstein has taught me anything, it's that we need more good TV critics. So I will attempt to provide good TV criticism which no one will read! On occasion.

2.) A chronicling of various attempts to break into show business. I know there are roughly five million blogs already devoted to this. But I am a.) funny and b.) lazy. The combination should make for comic gold!

3.) Occasional media ramblings. I don't go in for the theory that blogs somehow keep the media in check (and I promise to never use the acronym MSM), but there's a lot that the world doesn't understand about said media. Honestly, I don't either. But I know about the two newspapers I've worked at. So I can give you insights based on those.

4.) Various other criticisms. Whatever I feel like.

5.) Anything else. This clause in the mission statement means I can post photos of my cats. You have been warned!

Anyway, this is far too glib and uses too many exlamation points. I promise something of substance is coming really soon.

If anyone is reading this.

Which almost no one assuredly is.


Andy said...

I'm reading!

Stephen said...

And look how far you've come now Todd. I've been reading you since (near) the beginning. It's great to see the success you've achieved.