Monday, February 13, 2006

Are House and Scrubs the same show?

Much has been made of House's superficial resemblences to Sherlock Holmes, but no one to my knowledge has pointed out that House and Scrubs are very, very similar, just told from different points of view.

To wit. . .

Dr. House = Dr. Cox
Chase = J.D.
Foreman = Turk
Cameron = Elliot (though I had trouble remembering Cameron's name. . .preferring to think of her as "the hot girl from House")
Wilson = Carla
Cuddy = Kelso

Obviously, House doesn't have an evil janitor character, but the similarities between Hugh Laurie's character and John C. McGinley's are becoming more and more apparent to me with every week.


David Sims said...

Chase and J.D. are not alike at all. What I like about Chase's character is that he's not beholden to House at all, and cut a deal with Vogler in season 1 with no qualms at all. He's the least moral and most cynical of the three underlings. J.D. is quite similar to Cameron though: idealistic, interacts with patients on a personal level, and beholden to House/Cox.

Todd VanDerWerff said...

I'm pretty sure I agree with you.

So. . .instead. . .

J.D. = Cameron
Eliot = Chase

That makes even MORE sense, since Eliot and Chase are always the ones Cox/House are berating.