Saturday, February 25, 2006

More S.D. abortion stuff

Get yer links while they're hot.

The Washington Post did this excellent article back in December that puts the whole issue in perspective. Abortion was practically illegal in S.D. already, since there was only one clinic, which was open one day a week (when I told my friend the ex-feminist magazine copy editor this, she swore I was joking). Read it in the next few days. Otherwise, you'll have to pay for it, as it will enter their archives.

I enjoyed this post (from a left-wing point of view) about what the author sees as logical inconsistencies in the pro-life point of view. Plus, he manages to avoid the "sky is falling" rhetoric that is clogging up so much of the blogosphere following this ruling.

And Slate's William Saletan is probably the best-informed commentator on abortion politics in the U.S. currently working. You can listen to a radio interview with him where he lays out the issues in a clear manner here.

And here's a really, really, really bad poem about the whole thing.

And, if you don't give a crap and wish I would talk about TeeVee or something, go here to read amusing essays about the cultural detritus of the 80s.

More fun stuff tomorrow.

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