Friday, February 17, 2006

Olympics thoughts. . .

I'm not watching these Olympics as much as previous ones. For starters, I've got work and busy TiVOs and other things I'm more interested in (apparently, scheduling things that appeal to my demographic opposite the Olympics DID work). And most nights when I could be watching, I'm writing or marveling at the fact that Maxim has a scantily clad Veronica Mars (no I will not link you) on its cover.

That said, two sports have leapt out at me as immediately entertaining.

I'm not the first one to talk about how curling is awesome. TV and sports commentators have been doing so since at least 1998. At first, it seemed like a bit of a joke, but by 2002, the love affair was on. I've finally checked out curling at these Olympics and it is as advertised. It could seem mind-numbing, I suppose, but there's such a weird, Zen grace to the whole procedure that it quickly becomes enthralling. Of all of the sports at the Olympics, curling is the easiest to lose yourself in. It's got strategy, practical winterwear and brooms. What more could you want? So get on the bus and check out the baseball of ice! (And that's not an insult, baseball being my favorite sport of all.)

Also, snowboardcross is clearly the bees' knees. But I'm not saying anything new there. Most of the other sports are too similar, but this one is wild and different every time with spills and thrills and such.

So there you go.

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