Thursday, March 16, 2006

The FCC goes ka-ray-zay

I really don't get indecency complaints against television. The truly vile shows tend to not get watched.

But Time's James Poniewozik puts it better than I could and saves me from having to write about yet another raving match kicked up by the PTC.

The idea of judging indecency turns on determining the "community standard" for dirtiness. Without a Trace is one of the most popular programs on television, a regular top 10 show that has been on the air for four seasons. Its sometimes-lurid content is well known to its tens of millions of fans. Now, it's questionable whether, in an age of fragmented media, a "community standard" can even be determined. But assuming it can, what meets the community standard if not a show that a plurality of the community has chosen to reward with some of the highest ratings on TV? When you say that a show like that is beyond the pale, you are not enforcing a community standard; you are imposing a standard that you wish the community had.

He's got more to say here.

And Mr. Law Guy seems to think this is the beginning of the end for the FCC's indecency crusades. Don't we all wish!

You can view the twentysomethings awkwardly pretending to be orgiastic teenagers here. (The irony inherent in the site complaining about the content of that scene also hosting a clip of that scene will go uncommented on. Except. . .I just. . .er. . .did.)

As someone who spent most of his childhood NOT getting to watch all of the television I wanted to, I don't see the PTC's complaint. The show in question argued that having crazy sex as a teenager would GET YOU KIDNAPPED. I mean. . .not exactly a tacit endorsement. Plus, it was ONLY indecent in the Central and Mountain time zones, where it aired at 9, rather than 10. So for us Californians, it's orgies all the way!

If you just can't be bothered to care about that, check out this hilarious post that reduces the classic cartoon where Bugs Bunny singlehandedly defeats a team of baseball goons to Sabermetrics (really! It's funny!).

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