Friday, March 03, 2006

I found these links for you

While you breathlessly await my post on the Oscars (commentary tonight, predictions tomorrow), I provide some LINKS for you to peruse.

First, behold the wonder that is the PUPPY MONORAIL. Also, see Ray Bradbury's assertion that we in SoCal need a monorail system. I agree with him so long as all 20 million of us have to gather in downtown L.A. and perform the Simpsons monorail song. I also demand that I get to say, "Mono. . .D'OH!"

Next, if you don't mind watching ads, you can go to and check out Audiofile, which is one of the best music blogs on the Web. Unlike many music blogs, which focus intently on one subgenre, Audiofile mixes it up, offering up a rich variety of musical tastes. In particular, check out Destroyer's "Looters' Follies." The year is young, but this just might be the best song you hear in all of 2006. (Here's a good review of the new Destroyer album while you're at it.)

For those of you who want some TeeVee excitement, read up on what may be the two best shows of the midseason (I have yet to see Thief, which is getting great reviews too): ABC's Sons & Daughters and HBO's Big Love.

In the blogs I read every day department, Jamie Weinmann is highlighting one of my favorite television characters of all time, bemoaning the death of serious art criticism from conservatives (twice!) and showing how politically incorrect old movies are actually politically sophisticated; John Rogers is wondering why the "voice of America" continues to be rural, middle-aged white guys; and Denis McGrath is knocking 'em dead with the tale of how to write a TV spec script (bonus post on the objective correlative). And if you want more writing advice, Jane Espenson knows her stuff. And if you want the tale of what I'm trying to do in re: TV scripts but want it from someone who is a.) older, b.) crazier and c.) female-er than me, please go here.

I think that's enough links for now.

But before I go, one more. Please check out The Outbursts of Everett True, a comic strip about an enormously fat man in turn-of-the-century America who encounters life's minor annoyances and BEATS THE HELL OUT OF THEM. Unfortunate racial stereotypes aside, Mr. True is my hero. He even gets angry at petty annoyances we've all completely forgotten about!


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