Saturday, April 22, 2006

Best of TV survey

It seemed like it was time to write a full post devoted to this again (especially since so many people are coming here to vote).

The rules:

You can only vote for shows that are still on the air and have episodes coming up. If you're doubtful of one or two, include some runners-up. Or talk to me.

E-mail me to vote.

Include commentary only if you want to.

We're cancelling the worst-of-TV survey because no one filled out ballots for that. I guess none of you FORCE yourselves to watch bad TV.

The deadline is May 15.

Thanks to The House Next Door, The Backstage and Oscarwatch for plugs. And extra special thanks to Edward Copeland on Film, where they have their own survey you should go check out (the best Best Pictures, of course).

If you have questions about certain shows, I'll keep updating this post to reflect what is and isn't eligible. Let me know.


Stanley Kubrick said...

WHat do you mean when you say "having shows coming up" becuase it is the end of the t.v. season adn shows like The Office and South PArk just came to a close but are signed on for another season

Todd VanDerWerff said...

I mean shows that will air anytime in the future.