Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Celebrity watching

Why is it that to see TRUE pseudo-celebrities, I have to go home to South Dakota?

Tonight, standing outside of a truck stop outside of Sioux Falls, wearing a jean jacket and a long skirt, there she was: Kari from America's Next Top Model. Like most people on TV, she looked better in real life.

But she's still South Dakota Pretty. Now, South Dakota Dark is darker than dark, but South Dakota Pretty isn't MODEL pretty. It's ACTRESS pretty or POP STAR pretty. But not model pretty. We just can't do exotic here in the S.D. Too much Scandanavian in us.

But there she was. The first celebrity we've talked to since moving to California. And we saw her in South Dakota.

(Please note that most -- okay ALL -- of this is based on Libby's eyewitness report.)

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