Friday, April 07, 2006

Post 100!!!!

Honestly, I've started blogs before and had nothing come of them. So I didn't expect much from this. So much so that I didn't promote it at all at the start, telling only a few friends.

But now I'm on Google, so I HAVE to keep doing this I guess.

Thanks, all for reading. I like to hear your thoughts on this silly little Web space. When I started, I genuinely thought there weren't any dedicated TV blogs out there (In fact, that's why I chose to write about TV instead of film). Even though there are so, so many, I'm glad you choose to read this one as well.

Anyway, this won't be ALL self-congratulatory BS. I've got some big things happening.

Firstly, and most importantly, I want to make a list of what YOU guys (and by YOU guys, I mean the Internets) think are the best and worst TV shows on the air right now. All you have to do to participate is send me a top ten list and a bottom five list. If you can't think of enough to fill a bottom five, don't bother with one, as that will be entirely optional. If you want to put comments on the list as well as to why you like these shows so much, that would be dandy too.

Once you've got your list, e-mail it to me at I'll tally the votes. 10 points for first place, nine points for second, etc.

What's eligible? Good question.

What's eligible are shows that have episodes coming up or COULD have episodes coming up in the future. Six Feet Under, for example, has ended its run. So it's not eligible. Arrested Development isn't either, thanks to its untimely cancellation. The Wire, which hasn't aired any episodes as recently as those two shows IS eligible. I hope that makes sense.

If you submit a show that's not eligible, no sweat. I'll get back to you and let you know what was up in case you want to submit something else instead.

The deadline is May 1.

I must admit that this idea was shamelessly and brazenly ripped off from Edward Copeland on Film, where they're holding a "Best Best Picture of All Time" vote after the genius excitement of their Worst Best Picture of All Time vote.

Other upcoming projects include the end-of-season roundtable and the Emmy roundtable. If you're up for either, send me an e-mail.

Finally, I hope to organize a Deadwood blog-a-thon for when the show comes back in July. Details will be forthcoming, but if you've got a GREAT IDEA, go ahead and e-mail.

While we're housekeeping, thanks to The House Next Door and Edward Copeland on Film for the links. To those of you stumbling in from there, we're not usually this in love with ourselves (okay, we are).

I'm leaving for vacation in the wee hours of Sunday morning, but over the week to come, I hope to dispense some writing advice, talk about something OTHER than TV (it's actually stemming from the first criticism I got paid for. . .guesses?) and just generally be annoying.

Thanks for the readership.


Chopped Nuts said...

Do you mean fictional shows only for the lists? Or are we including, for example, The Daily Show and the like?

Todd VanDerWerff said...

I assume the lists will skew towards fiction, but anything that is airing (or will be airing) on TV is fair game.

I should probably say that upcoming pilots are NOT fair game. Only series that HAVE aired episodes.

stanley kubrick said...

I don't know is Lizzi Mcguire cancelled because than it is not only the worst show still on but the worst show of all time.

Todd VanDerWerff said...

Lizzie has been canceled for several years now. Disney keeps reairing it because the reruns get good ratings, I guess.

Stranger21 said...

So just for us 'internets'it that the best ten TV shows currently broadcast anywhere in the world.

Tim Minear's 'The Inside' is currently in it's first run of episodes unaired in the U.S.A.
It doesn't count just because FOX lost faith in it?
Whereas 'Love Monkey' does count because VH-1 is airing eps not shown on CBS.
Some shows like 'Point Pleasant' or 'Wonderfalls' only find their true audience with the DVD season sets. Unencumbered with commercials, pre-empting and slot changes. Unfamiliar shows like 'the Office', Footballer's Wives' or 'Bad Girls' are only available in the U.S. years later on BBCAmerica or DVD Region 2 imports.

Todd VanDerWerff said...

The Inside wouldn't count because it has been canceled, yes. Love Monkey is a specialized call. I suppose if enough people vote for it, since it has episodes coming up, I'll have to include it.

I regret having to use U.S. scheduling, but that's the TV system that still dominates the world. This is, of course, changing, but not that quickly.

The idea is to give people shows that they can look forward to viewing on television at some point in the future. I may do an overlooked shows poll or a brilliant but cancelled poll, but something like Wonderfalls, for example, is REALLY old news in the U.S. (it aired its last unaired episode last year). So is The Office, which has been readily available on DVD for something like two years now.

Footballers Wives, though, is fair game, as is Bad Girls. Both air on BBC America. So is Life on Mars, as long as you've actually seen it, as it's coming to U.S. TV (both the original and a remake, which promises to be insufferable).