Monday, April 17, 2006

South Dakota Back

So, anyway, the computer I ended up on for the latter part of my vacation week did NOT want to acknowledge Blogspot's existence. It's times like this when it would be nice for my laptop to not be in, y'know, the computer fixer-upper place.

Sorry for the prolonged absence. But I am back in SoCal now, after a stop in grey Omaha and chilly, snowy Salt Lake City. The house is cleaner than we left it, the cats' dishes are still full, and the mail is on the counter. All of this seems less miraculous when you realize we had house sitters (and excellent ones, apparently).

Anyway, I must be kept from you a while longer for I must go begin valiantly attempting to empty out two TiVos full of a week's worth of stuff (and still accumulating). Let me know what I should watch first.

Tomorrow, Deadwood season 1 reviewed.

And, hey! Let's start stuffing my ballot box for the best of TV survey. And while you're at it, send me your ballot.

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Edward Copeland said...

You should leave a comment on The House Next Door's main thread today about your contest. Matt put a fleeting mention of my survey and I've already added 15 ballots today when at best I've been getting one a day.