Monday, May 01, 2006

Coming in May to South Dakota Dark

May is going to be a busy month here.

Season finale season is upon us as of Wednesday (by my calculations), when One Tree Hill airs its finale. After that, scarcely a day will go by without a season finale, usually with a HUGE cliffhanger of some sort. What's even more entertaining is that half (or so) of these cliffhangers will never be resolved.

I'm going to try to watch as many of these things as I can (though I can't guarantee anything), so I can give you some sense of what's up. There are some shows that are ONLY worth watching for their "event" episodes (Smallville leaps to mind), and I look forward to seeing just how little the plot has progressed in the last nine months.

Additionally, I'll be updating the Super-TV Preview to reflect new realities, and I'll be covering the network upfronts, when we learn just what was canceled and just what was saved at the last minute. And I'm going to try to institute a system to get more TV and culture news in here, so you at least know what I'm talking about when I ramble on about things.

What's more, the best-of-TV survey will be wrapping up in just two short weeks. So that should be coming up some weekend here. (Don't forget to vote!)

And, of course, you can expect the usual season-ending reviews as the shows I watch regularly wrap up for the year (the first of these should be Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars, coming shortly). I'm also hoping to get some film commentary up, but I don't know how likely that will be until the summer.

Finally, this blog has put me in touch with a number of people who work in the television industry, so this summer, I'm going to talk to them about their jobs and their insights into the world of America's favorite medium. Look for interviews with writers, executives, critics. . .whomever I can persuade to step into my interview booth.

All this, plus the usual nonsense and (hopefully) reviews of pilot scripts and episodes (but don't hold your breath).

Happy times are here again!

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