Saturday, May 27, 2006

I'm With Stupid

Apparently, Tom DeLonge is no genius. It's hard to imagine, I know. Still, he THINKS that he is. This makes the media exposure and formidable hype leading up to the release of his new (post Blink) band, Angels & Airwaves' debut LP all the more morbidly comical. The whole sad irony of it for me is that, after years and years of hating Blink-182, I was actually starting to come around to being casually entertained by them. It's not so much that they got "deep" by the end of their career, but that they had matured to a point of losing most of their pretenses. When a band can do that it usually only gets better from there. But, ya know, RIP. Whatevah.

On to the future. Angels and Airwaves, We Don't Need To Whisper. This is a bad album. What makes it so bad is that it could have been good. I have no idea how in the hell you make actual notes of music sound pretentious, but producer/frontman Mr. DeLonge does so quite admirably. It's mostly in the way that each song has such a caustic undercurrent. In and of itself, this is not a bad thing. However, the claustrophobic way in which he presents each track at such farcical levels of melodrama and pomposity really tends to grate on one's nerves. His nasal delivery backed by "important" and "emotional" pieces that you are, apparently, supposed to listen to alone, in your dark room"... with black light or a candle." (wtf) only seem to elicit nausea as opposed to catharsis.

His new band is good enough. Usually thoughtfully structured, and aurally pleasant. It's behind the boards that things become so disagreeable. So intent on making this matter, DeLonge transforms a perfectly acceptable indie-pop sound into a bludgeoning emo jackhammer that makes it seem like something the Postal Service excreted onto U2. It's NOT FUN.

That's all I got!

Sorry these first couple of posts have been so negative. I'm really not an elitist prick. I SWEAR.

Stay tuned for thoughts on the new The Walkmen LP. I might actually like it!

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