Monday, May 08, 2006

Open thread: Best season/series finales

Arrgh. I'm backed up with deadlines, so I'm just going to throw a thread up for discussion purposes, without really getting in to the topic too deeply.

What do you think are the best season/series finales in TV history (since we're in that time of year)? The Boston Phoenix thinks these are the best season finales, and this article says these are the best series finales (Angel? Really?!).

So what do you think?

And vote in that blasted best-of-TV survey.


Edward Copeland said...

While Cheers is certainly among the best, I'm one of the defenders of St. Elsewhere's wrapup. MTM was great, but M*A*S*H's end was bloated and overblown. Still, I can't believe they excluded the absolute gold standard in series finales: Newhart. Nothing else has ever come close.

Moses said...

That article actually has Angel listed as one of the worst series finales. I'll leave it to somebody else to defend it, as I never saw it.

Edward Copeland said...

Angel was so-so as a finale -- and Wesley's death was so obviously telegraphed, that it took something away from it. Then again, the Buffy finale sort of disappointed me as well and I liked it a lot more than I did Angel.