Sunday, May 07, 2006

Quote of the Day!

Libby, on some people we know who recently had a baby: "If I had the last name Justice, I would name my baby something AWESOME like FIREBALL."

Fireball Justice: Attorney at Law.

For some reason, my post yesterday in which I intimated that Adam the cyborg from Buffy was a villain who was somewhat lacking has attracted comments (both in the comments section and over at Bootstrap Productions).

Now, I like season four of Buffy quite a bit. It's probably the "funniest" of the seasons, which automatically endears me to it. And Adam, both as a concept and as a way to metaphorically mirror the season's larger storylines, works to some degree.

But he lacks a personal connection to the gang as a whole. While one could argue that Glory from season five also lacked a personal connection, she eliminated the need for one by both making Buffy her personal kick-toy and by threatening the life of dear Dawn just by her very existence. Adam, on the other hand, has no connection to anyone but Riley (who didn't feel like a "core" cast member) and Spike (who only got acquainted with him much later on).

Plus, he wasn't very funny.

I think the original (rumored) storyline, where Professor Walsh and Adam worked together in tandem, would have worked much better. Professor Walsh had become a mentor figure to Buffy, and her turning to the dark side would have affected Buffy more.

Adam was just something to kill, not something that it would be emotionally HARD to kill.

So there you go.

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David Sims said...

Adam sucks, but season four was pretty great. But Adam was not the most effective of villains, for sure.