Monday, May 15, 2006


It appears ABC managed to keep the biggest, gutsiest scheduling move in at least six years a complete secret from everyone. And I'm impressed.

But Jon can tell you more about that tomorrow morning. I know he was pretty impressed too.

Anyway. . .if anyone out there in readership land would like to read my latest script venture and comment on it (by being brutally honest), you know how to reach me.

Since our readership has gone through the roof again for upfronts week, I might as well link you all to the South Dakota Dark Index, which desperately needs updating but should still steer you true.

Anyway. To the post title.

Last night, while watching something the TiVo had randomly recorded, I made an offhanded remark about something I thought would be funny in a project of mine. Libby laughed, then stopped and said, "That would be a great episode of Family Guy."

And she was completely right.

I don't even LIKE Family Guy. But she was completely right. The idea was SO GOOD that I was literally shocked when I went through their episode listings to see exactly what they had done. . .and they hadn't done it!

Serendipity. It's a nice thing to have around sometimes.

Grey's Anatomy review coming up, just as soon as the TiVo finishes showing me the finale.

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