Thursday, June 29, 2006

Emmy drama acting candidates

Before we start, the final two drama series candidates are Six Feet Under and 24, according to a list leaked to

The same list had these acting candidates:

Drama Lead Actor:
Hank Azaria -- Huff (Showtime)
Michael Chiklis -- The Shield (FX)
Patrick Dempsey -- Grey's Anatomy (ABC)
Matthew Fox -- Lost (ABC)
James Gandolfini -- The Sopranos (HBO)
Michael C. Hall -- Six Feet Under (HBO)
Peter Krause -- Six Feet Under (HBO)
Anthony LaPaglia -- Without a Trace (CBS)
Hugh Laurie -- House (Fox)
Denis Leary -- Rescue Me (FX)
Bill Paxton -- Big Love (HBO)
Martin Sheen -- The West Wing (NBC)
James Spader -- Boston Legal (ABC)
Kiefer Sutherland -- 24 (Fox)
Treat Williams -- Everwood (The WB)

Drama Lead Actress:
Patricia Arquette -- Medium (NBC)
Kristen Bell -- Veronica Mars (UPN)
Frances Conroy -- Six Feet Under (HBO)
Geena Davis -- Commander-in-Chief (ABC)
Edie Falco -- The Sopranos (HBO)
Jennifer Garner -- Alias (ABC)
Gennifer Goodwin -- Big Love (HBO)
Mariska Hargitay -- Law & Order: SVU (NBC)
Allison Janney -- The West Wing (NBC)
Evangeline Lilly -- Lost (ABC)
Ellen Pompeo -- Grey's Anatomy (ABC)
Kyra Sedgwick -- The Closer (TNT)
Chloe Sevigny -- Big Love (HBO)
Jeanne Tripplehorn -- Big Love (HBO)
Polly Walker -- Rome (HBO)

This list is better than the comedy acting list, though it still leave something to be desired. The lack of Battlestar Galactica is annoying, but Kristen Bell's inclusion is heartening. And the Big Love love is. . .surprising!

Tomorrow, perfect episodes returns with an episode from a show I often talk about but rarely make the subject of a blog post.

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Edward Copeland said...

HBO is really shooting itself in the foot by putting so many of their ladies in lead. Polly Walker might have a chance of getting in in supporting, but don't think she will here. I think that would have been Ginnifer Goodwin's best shot as well.