Sunday, June 25, 2006

Emmy shortlists

The Emmys have switched to a new system this year, designed to get in shows from networks other than the big four and HBO. The top ten shows and top 15 lead performances from the general voting round are submitted to panels, who watch one episode of each, then vote on them. The top five are calculated from this.

The panels convened this weekend, and from compiling information I've found on various message boards, I've managed to figure out 18 of the 20 series that were in the top tens. I'll say this: If the goal was to more accurately represent the broad variety of series on TV, the Emmys failed.

But here they are.

Drama Series:
Big Love (HBO)
Boston Legal (ABC)
Grey's Anatomy (ABC)
House (Fox)
Lost (ABC)
Rescue Me (FX)
The Sopranos (HBO)
The West Wing (NBC)

Only these eight are known. I would GUESS that the final two series are 24 and Six Feet Under, but there are a number of shows competing for those final slots.

Comedy Series:
Arrested Development (Fox)
Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)
Desperate Housewives (ABC)
Entourage (HBO)
My Name Is Earl (NBC)
The Office (NBC)
Scrubs (NBC)
Two-and-a-Half Men (CBS)
Weeds (Showtime)
Will & Grace (NBC)


Wow! You really did your job, Emmys!


Edward Copeland said...

I would suspect Huff or The Shield might be in the drama running

JW said...

I doubt Huff is going to be in the running. Only half of its season was eligible and I'm not sure it is that remarkable to a viewer if you haven't been paying attention the entire time. The Sheild maybe... but I still think it will be 24 and Six Feet Under. I don't see how either of those could possibly not make the top ten.