Friday, June 16, 2006

Even in his heart the Devil has to know the water level

Sorry to let this slide for a few days, but real life became a priority.

Here are some coming attractions, as it were. . .

--I'm working on a big Joss Whedon post, in a vain attempt to get the people at Whedonesque to notice me.

--That ties in with something I'm hoping to write for The House Next Door about creating a new apparatus with which to perform television criticism.

--Season reviews of Lost and Deadwood are still forthcoming (I've gotta finish up Thief and 24 too -- don't spoil me!).

--I may revisit Doctor Who. So many of you have convinced me to give it another go, and I have most of the season on my TiVo anyway.

--I'm working on getting all of the new pilots for you young folk, that I might tell you what to expect.

--I'm reading Alex Epstein's excellent Crafty TV Writing, so I'll probably review that as well. It's not only a good manual on how to write FOR the medium; it doubles as a manual on how to write ON the medium. Perfect for any wannabe critic OR teleplay writer.

--I'm also working on a big Emmy post. The short of it: I don't think the Emmys matter as much as other awards do (in popular consensus, etc.), but it would still be nice to have awards that made sense.

--And I'm hoping to jump back into watching films. I should be restarting my Netflix account soon enough, and I want to kick back with some essential stuff I've never seen and some. . .nonessentials I've never seen (Libby swears by Hoosiers).

If you're a Sufjan Stevens fan like myself, you'll enjoy this interview he did with Pitchfork, where he admits his new outtakes album isn't all that great. Setting us up for disappointment so when he knocks us out with Oregon or Rhode Island or (dare I say it?) South Dakota, it makes us delirious. Canny man.

But before I go, I'll just let you know that I followed one of the people from the cafeteria today. Not only does she work at my organization, but she has her own OFFICE. Let the river run, working girl. Let it run.

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Lee said...

All good ideas, worth looking foward to. I'm now especially interested in your "new apparatus." Sounds intriguing.

Glad to hear "Crafty TV Writing" is as good as I was hoping. My copy hasn't made it over here yet, but I should get it soon.

And yes, do give the good doctor another chance. There have been a lot of "meh" episodes so far, but they are so made up for by the ones that get it right.