Friday, June 02, 2006

Quick hits

Here are thoughts on a bunch of shows that I watched off and on in the 2005-06 season, but didn't watch with terrible regularity.

Bones - Most of what I said about the show in my fourth or fifth post ever still stands. This is a show that is constantly in search of its tone. It can't quite nail it down consistently, and that's a pity. Still, I think this got stronger as the season went along, and Boreanaz and Deschanel (the two characters at the center) have such great chemistry that they make most of the show's squishier issues breeze right by. I'll probably keep checking in with this from time to time next year, especially once it moves to Fridays.

Desperate Housewives - I ditched this show midway through season two. I had not liked it since roughly November sweeps of season one (the whole thing just ended up thinking it was far more clever than it actually was), but I felt an obligation to keep up with the zeitgeist. Still, I checked in for the finale, and was moderately impressed. It's not the show it seemed it could have been in the pilot, but it's finding its way to a less interesting but still watchable version of itself. Indeed, I feel kind of bad. This show is still trying so hard, but it never had it in itself to be sustainable. When it started to think it was a satire of the suburbs in general, instead of primetime soaps in particular, that's when it started to lose itself.

One Tree Hill - I have seen exactly one episode of this show. What do the kids who rave about this thing even see in it? It's a bizarre little thing. I think they like the idea that all of these high school kids are getting married and having careers and stuff. And the fact that the creator seemed to be comparing himself to Shakespeare in the season finale? Might be the silliest thing ever.

Smallville - I only watch the season premieres and finales of this show because I have never had much patience for it and its bizarre supervillain of the week shenanigans (plus, the cast, while insanely attractive, is full of pretty poor actors). But I've always been a fan of Chloe, played by the estimable Allison Mack. And when she kissed Superman-in-training after having wanted to for five seasons, I was genuinely interested in the show for the first time ever. I doubt it will translate into a season pass, but at least they got me to care.

CSI - Floppy hat? Floppy hat! Seriously. . .this remains one of TV's most handsome shows. But it's become such a yawn, thanks to the overexposure of its format.

Without a Trace - I really liked the episode where the white kid and the black kid both disappeared but the media turned the white kid's disappearance into such a big deal that the black kid got lost in the shuffle. It was the kind of drama TV anthologies used to do, chock-full of social issues and never, ever subtle. Other than that, see immediately above.

Two-and-a-Half Men - Charlie Sheen's recent tabloid troubles have made this show hard to watch. It's hard to laugh at him playing a lech when he actually is one in real life.

Phew! I'm nearing the top of the immense pile I buried myself under. Tune back in tomorrow for a quick look at season two of House.

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