Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Rescue Me roundup

I wrote about the issue of the rape on this show last week, but lots of minds other than mine have weighed in now. Here are the takes I've found the most interesting.

These will range roughly from most positive to least positive.

Matthew Gilbert of the Boston Globe thinks everyone involved deserves Emmys and finds much more ambiguity in the scene than most.

Denis McGrath, TV writer extraordinaire, says the scene was the product of good drama and the show's refusal to pronounce anything BAD keeps it from becoming a melodrama. (There's also lots of good talk about when, if ever, TV writers should contact their fans.)

Alan Sepinwall of the New Jersey Star-Ledger prints the complete transcript of an interview with the creators on the subject.

Rich Heldenfels of the Akron Beacon Journal argues persuasively that it WAS rape (and accidentally spoils this week's episode -- tread carefully).

Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune is sickened by the whole thing and then posts a roundup of her own.

And, finally, Ellen Grey of the Philadelphia Inquirer says this is just the latest in a long line of misogynistic things the show has done.

Happy reading!

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