Wednesday, June 07, 2006

"Tell your God to prepare for blood"

I'm working on some writing that has nothing to do with THIS blog, so there's no time for a deep, deep post tonight. I thought I had a handle on what I wanted to say in this essay, but it turns out I had NO IDEA, so I've gotta change some things tomorrow.

It's times like these when I wish I smoked.

Before I get on with things, I need to point out that yesterday's title (So Cheesy, So Awesome!) is something I got from Television Without Pity. I didn't mention that, though I meant to.

If you really NEED something to do while waiting for me, here are five links well worth your time.

--Deadweek continues apace at The House Next Door. Some great stuff going on there right now.

--As it turns out, Veronica Mars herself once visited Everwood.

--This guy is pretty scary smart. And he's got a lot to say about Buffy. And why he doesn't like Heather Havrilesky (I don't like her that much either -- though I thought her piece on Lost was quite good, on the right track and all of that). And various other things. He's who I would be if I had gone to grad school (fun story: I'm still on the e-mail listserv for the grad school I almost went to -- it's like a peek into an alternate universe every day!).

--John Rogers' Memorial Day post is over a week old, but it's still quite good.

--Meanwhile, Alex Epstein is interviewing Tom Fontana and knocking your screenwriting questions out of the park (not to, y'know, use metaphors in the wrong way or anything). Take a look.

Back tomorrow with thoughts on how Big Love is really a heavily veiled argument for gay marriage.

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