Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mary Worth, big bears and other ways to coast

In case you missed it, check out the SDdebut of Tram, our first real, live girl correspondant (I know?). Hopefully, she can break up the incorrigible boys club we've got going on here!

Since I am feeling largely bereft of critical thought this evening (and I'm saving up for the fall season, which begins Monday), here are some links for your edification and enjoyment.

Tomorrow: Snakes on a Plane? TV talk? Or something else entirely? Who can even tell?

--When I was a kid, the Sunday Argus Leader ran two serialized comic strips: Rex Morgan, M.D. and Mary Worth. My mother, who diligently read the comics to me, would always take a moment to read one of the two to herself. I would ask what was going on, but she would never say. The other, we skipped over. "That one's baaaad," she would say, indicating that it wasn't morally reprehensible, but rather, poorly plotted (I don't know how she distinguished one from the other in this regard, much less how she followed the ostensibly serialized story just by reading the Sunday strips, but I digress). Anyway, I don't remember which one she read and which one she skipped, but this is all a long way of saying that Mary Worth is apparently hipper than ever (in that so-bad-its-good way), even warranting a two-page spread (!) in Florida's Palm Beach Post. Revel in her meddle.

--Speaking of the comics, I really like this new web-only strip at, Little Dee. It's oddly paced, slightly absurdist and bleakly philosophical, as though the cartoonist took all of the things that tend to get glossed over when people talk about how much they LOVE Peanuts and based an entire strip around it. Plus, bonus, it has a bear. And the cute kid doesn't talk!

--I've been sort of tired of the Snakes on a Plane thing, but I've been turned around by this review, which says it's everything we pseudo-hipsters hoped it would be (and more).

--This blog is probably the best account of trying to break in to television that I've seen, and it's by a guy who's actually gotten there (he has a small credit on the ABC Family show Three Moons Over Milford). If you want to know all about the brutal combination of hard work, talent and sheer luck that drives breaking in to TV, Sal's the guy to tell you about it, not me.

--Finally, get a little taste of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip before YouTube yanks it down again. How Network-y!

See you all soon.

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