Friday, August 18, 2006

More Mary Worth AND a rediscovered song

See, I'm on a roll tonight.

First, you should know that Mary Worth has gotten REALLY hip. She's got a blog now. Sure, having a blog is SO 2003, but the woman's in her 60s. Being only three years behind is amazing for a woman of her age!

And, what's more, she's gotten as far as 2005, what with her new appearance on YouTube:

I used to play a mean version of Yakety Sax.

All Mary Worth excitement is courtesy of The Comics Curmudgeon.

Finally, I can't believe I forgot about this song until I heard it on the radio today. The first line was even the quote at my graduation! (And sort of depressing come to think of it.)

Let the moon make faces at you.

I was a bigger fan of the video for 1979 at the time, but now that I watch this video again, some of the shot compositions are fairly gorgeous. If you like these videos, check out the latest from the directors, Dayton and Faris, in theaters: Little Miss Sunshine. The script's a little sitcommy, but the performances and direction make it all work somehow.

Remember when it was 1996 and the Smashing Pumpkins ruled the world? I sure do. Now look at us. Old and forgotten, passed over in favor of the latest fad.


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