Monday, August 21, 2006

Random Conversations with My Little Sister during the Teen Choice Awards

Moi*: That whole Pirates of the Caribbean 2 spoof clip is so long. Arghh. It makes me long for Billy Crystal. Or even Dave Letterman.
MLS**: Who's that guy?
Moi: Oh, that's Dane Cook. He's considered the "IT" comedian right now because he's supposedly hot. Word has it he's dating Jessica Simpson. And yeah, they're co-hosting the show together.
MLS: Wow, that must be so awkward. :pointing at Nick Lachey in the crowd:
Moi: Well, yeah. That's Hollywood for ya. They sleep with the same people.


Moi: Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves should marry each other already.
MLS: :doublesigh: It's too bad Sandra's married to that big guy [she means Jesse James] and Keanu - hmmm... who's he married to?
Moi: Actually, he's not married.
MLS: Who is he dating then?
Moi: Hmmm... I actually don't know. He did date Diane Keaton. I don't know who he's dating right now.
MLS: He dated DIANE KEATON?!! @#$%^&*&
Moi: Remember, I told you a few months ago?
MLS: I guess I forgot. I do know that they were in that movie together [Something's Gotta Give]...
Moi: ... that's exactly how they met!
MLS: Ooooooooooh. That makes sense!

MLS: Rachel Bilson is so skinny now.
Moi: Yeah, she IS?!
MLS: Being on a show with Mischa Barton must've done something to her.
Moi: Probably. It's probably Ally McBeal all over again.


Moi: Why is Orlando Bloom [the recipient of the MALE HOTTIE award] talking about how sweaty he is?
MLS: :shrugs:
Moi: Like, I sweat, too. But I don't want to know that movie stars sweat. It's kinda TMI.
MLS: Maybe he's just weird.


Moi: Ugh, that stupid boy with autism.
MLS: What boy?
Moi: That boy who shot six three-pointers in a row. I mean, no - the boy's not stupid. I mean, good for him. It's just that, the story has become overblown. It's now this cheesy made-for-Disney movie.
MLS: I don't like it when Ashton Kutcher [he's the presenter for the COURAGE award] tries to act all serious.
Moi: Me, neither.

MLS: :pointing at Johnny Depp receiving an award: Ew. He dresses just like Joey Lawrence!
Moi: He's always dressed weird. Those teen girls in the audience sure are annoying.
MLS: I thought you liked Johnny Depp.
Moi: I still do. But his new fanbase is very annoying. :pointing to the TV screen: Ugh, I wanna wring their braids up and down.

Moi: K-Fed! Wait, why is there only K-Fed's voice? Who is that boy who is lip-synching?
MLS: Oh no, no. It's just an act. I hate it whenever rappers do that.
Moi: Oh THERE he is! I see him now!
MLS: Man, does he suck!
Moi: Actually, K-Fed's not as bad as I thought.

* Self-explanatory
** My Little Sister


Todd VanDerWerff said...

I can't believe you ACTUALLY watched this? I mean Miss Teen USA is one thing, but this?

Still, we all want a taste of Federline, don't we?

Anonymous said...

K-Fed was all worth it.