Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Spotlight: Dirty On Purpose



Yeah, it's Sonic Youth lite. So what? This sort of dreamy space rock can only be derivative most of the time. Of course, hailing from NYC doesn't help much with claims of originality either. However, DoP made a staggering case for themselves with their debut EP, Sleep Late For a Better Tomorrow. Noise tinged guitar sections, mixed with atmospheric and melodic vocals laid an almost wonderous track before the group as they burst onto the scene, making up in conviction what they mildly lacked in freshness. Hallelujah Sirens, their first full length on North Street Records, is an unfortunate step down--but only a minor one. The album, comes off as more of a plodding excercise in atmosphere as opposed to a solid LP. The problem being that there are simply too many ideas, and attempts at longevity swimming around in every direction. They are good ideas, but there's no real voice there which tends to get a bit frustrating. Largely, though, the good outweighs the band in a damn fine testament to DoP's technical prowess as well as their suprisingly strong staying power. It's an album you like, but feel you should love. I see a very talented group here, though. One that may be off to a slightly rocky start, but seems to have the wisdom and creativity to stay the course and, perhaps, live up to their potential in the near future. Keep an eye on these kids.

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