Saturday, September 02, 2006

Andy Warhol: Coming soon to PBS!

I absolutely LOVE Andy Warhol. I love it how his ideas - and work - made you think twice about what constitutes as original. I love it how he could simultaneously articulate the allure - and deadening shortcomings - of pop consumerism within a single canvas. But perhaps most of all, I love the fact that Warhol, unlike many of his peers, wasn't afraid to bridge the gap between "low" and "high brow" culture.

You can only imagine how ecstatic and thrilled I was when I found out that Warhol would be profiled in the ongoing PBS series, "American Masters".

The four-hour documentary, directed by Ric Burns, is currently playing at NYC's Film Forum. But all you non-New Yorkers (*sigh* myself included) can catch the doc on PBS in the coming weeks.

Unfortunately, the PBS site does not offer the exact dates. But I will keep ya updated on the schedule (hopefully) soon.

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