Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What you'll be spec-ing

Fear not, wannabe TV writers! I have surveyed the new TV landscape and have predicted WHAT you will be wanting to watch for spec script purposes.

If you like multi-camera sitcoms:

The Class -- This is pretty much your only option, but it's pretty cute, and CBS will now have four (well, technically three, but How I Met Your Mother has a laugh track at least), count 'em four, multi-camera shows worth writing specs for in a row. Praise be!

If you like single-camera sitcoms:

LOTS of stuff to pick from, but I would hedge my bets on. . .

Knights of Prosperity -- A good time slot, a winning ensemble and a great concept (plus, Mick Jagger, though I guess they may not have him past the pilot). The writing is a bit frat-boyish at times, but the creators also worked on Ed, so one has to assume they'll see their way past that.

30 Rock -- Scrubs at a TV show. Of course, it's being heavily reworked, so I have no idea if it will remain any good, but them's the breaks, folks. I'm guessing this could become the next Scrubs -- a small, rabid fanbase.

Help Me Help You -- There's some potential here, and you'd get to write for Ted Danson. TED DANSON!

If you like procedural dramas:

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. . .

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. . .

Shark -- But, really, stick with CSI or House.

If you like dramedies:

Two fine choices in a field that can be undercrowded. . .

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip -- To a degree, this is a guilty pleasure for people who think they're really smart, but it's fun in its own right too. You'd have to be able to write Sorkin-ese, and while it's easy to copy on its surface, it's also maddening to get perfectly right.

Ugly Betty -- I have a suspicion this would be fun to write. It looks like NOTHING else on American TV.

If you like sci-fi dramas:

You're kind of out of luck after last year when all of those sci-fi shows premiered and failed.


Jericho -- If you like post-apocalyptic stuff, this is where it's at.

If you like serial dramas:

Boy are you in luck!

The Nine -- Possibly a big, breakout hit, though it's so wedded to its bank robbery flashback structure that it could be as hard to spec as Lost.

Kidnapped -- Some say it's the next 24. I don't see it, but it should be fun to write if you like to write police stuff with a bigger structure over it.

Brothers & Sisters -- Because you know you've wanted to write a big, dark adult soap.

Six Degrees -- J.J. Abrams has gotta be able to figure out how to make this work, right? A great timeslot, so it could take off.

If you like teen shows:

Friday Night Lights -- Go. Run. TiVo season pass now.

Of course, all of these could be canceled immediately. But that's the business of show!

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