Friday, October 27, 2006

Politics Schmolitics


Obviously, from an artistic standpoint, the Michael J. Fox ad is MUCH better. It's better filmed, equipped with better production values and doesn't appear as though it was thrown together with $500, a six-pack of beer and a high school AV club's brand new DV camera.

But maybe, as Moses tells me, that's the POINT? To appeal to those who instinctually hate all "Hollywood liberals," even those with diseases that are sad-making.

At any rate, the Michael J. Fox ad is better at nationalizing what's ultimately a local election. The stem cell issue is one that benefits the Democrats overwhelmingly, and by speaking about it in vague terms, the spot makes a regional thing into one of import to all citizens. The other one just leaves me saying, "Initiative 2? The hell?"

But let me know what you think. I'm still amused by that Jim Caviezel cold open.

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