Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Links for now

The TiVos are filled to bursting and the writing is calling me away, but I couldn't forget about you, my chickens, so here are some links to tide you over while you wait.

--Okay, everyone and their monkey has linked to Ken Levine's devastatingly dead-on interpretation of how Aaron Sorkin would write a series about baseball, but if you haven't seen it yet, you need to click here, now.

--I wish I could tell you how deeply, deeply angry I'm becoming at For Better or For Worse. Yes. The one in the comics. Libby finds this both amusing and sort of frightening. The Comics Curmudgeon has the latest hose-a-phonic excitement for you.

--Horror movie fans, The Onion AV Club beckons! Check out this piece on the politics of horror films, this piece on the current state of the genre and this piece on seriously scary album covers.

--Home state fans, check out this. I lived in S.D. for 23 years and NEVER saw an amendment or initiative get the level of consensus that Amendment E (which would allow judges to be shot on sight or somesuch -- I kid) has. Weirdly, the people behind the amendment live here in California (where we accept kooks of all political stripes), which makes me feel like I have something to do with this. I should also remind all of you to vote next Tuesday, since it took every ounce of my being to remember to blog something Halloween-y yesterday.

--Considering brilliant-but-canceled producer Tim Minear just told a roomful of people a little more than a week ago that his latest series Drive wasn't going forward, I was pleasantly surprised to see this news.

See you soon.

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