Friday, December 22, 2006

Some Christmas links for now

Blogger ate an entire post, so I'm going to sulk about that.

In the meantime, here are sites that will let you digest that holiday spirit.

--Like Christmas specials? Here are 101 Christmas movies, TV specials, TV episodes, commercials and other things for you to peruse to your heart's content. In particular, check out this little-seen, underrated version of A Christmas Carol by Richard Williams, master animator. And if you're a child of the 80s who wonders how, exactly, Claymation spent that weird period from 1985-1987 as the best thing ever, here's the Christmas special to prove to you that you weren't hallucinating.

--Like Christmas music? Almost to distraction? There are plenty of places you can go, of course, but I'm fond of starting the day at Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else, where Lee offers you a wide collection of really odd oddities. Move along to Fa La La La La, where the King of Jingaling is trying to recreate the Christmases of yore, one LP at a time. Then, spend some time with A Christmas Yuleblog and marvel at that title. Ernie (Not Bert) should be your next stop, as he's always got a huge variety of interesting (and totally random) stuff. Then, finally, you have Senses Working Overtime and Blog of 999 Dances, where the entire Great Songs of Christmas series from the 60s is being posted. Here's an easy-to-follow collection of things that have been posted, lest ye get confused. (And don't tell anyone you're downloading all of this stuff, because people tend to raise their eyebrows when you tell them you have over a week's worth of Christmas music. Not that I, y'know, do or anything.)

--Can't be bothered with figuring out these fancy new MP3s? Neither can my family! Go to, in that case and enter some of your favorite holiday songs. Pick the artists you like best go to town. If you want to, you can even create a QuickMix that blends a variety of holiday sounds. Ginchy! Plus, unlike most of the other sites, this one is actually handy during the rest of the year. (Two other radio stations worth checking out: Boston Pete, featuring a wide variety of old-time radio programs and carols, and the Christmas Radio Network, which has a deep library and unintentionally hilarious interstitials.)

--Like A Christmas Carol? So does Jim Hill, and he's watching 40-some versions of the story between Thanksgiving and New Year's from the good to the bad to the deeply, deeply misguided. If you're a member of my family, you'll like his story about The Stingiest Man in Town, a briefly popular made-for-TV musical that somehow became a holiday standard for my mother's family. It covers both the original version and the misbegotten Rankin-Bass version from the 70s. And, if you're in a Christmas Carol-y mood, check out this needlessly elaborate comparison chart.

--Like to read? Here are some Christmas-y type stories for your perusal. Wikipedia's entry on the holiday is actually pretty good for that site. A Christmas Carol is still the most popular Christmas novella. The Little Match Girl is sure to depress, just as surely as The Gift of the Magi is sure not to surprise. Then there's that editorial Sam Elliott reads from in Prancer. And, of course, the poem everyone likes. If you've got money to spend, here's a good book about the history of American Christmas. Plus, there's always, y'know, the Bible. And, barring all of that, there's the strangely moving Dulce Domum from Wind in the Willows.

Now keep busy!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! Glad to have made the cut!


Prozac Rat said...

Why do I not see Wookies celebrating Life Day on this list!!!!!! Disappointment abounds!