Sunday, December 10, 2006

South Dakota Break

So this is the first time I've had enough time alone with a computer (when I wasn't writing for other publications) to get on here and do a little updating. I'll be back in California on Tuesday (in the wilds of the Midwest right now and being productive otherwise, thank you) and back to updating then (though, honestly, the end of the year does not hold out great prospects for me), and I'll try to get part two of the advent calendar up tomorrow.

In the meantime, get your recommended dose of me with these two BSG recaps. Marvel, friends, at just how good so many of my commentors are! Thrill that they don't steal my job somehow!

While I'm away, also, start sending me links to top ten lists for TV as you see them. No one is compiling these in the way that film and music lists are compiled, and I'm interested to see just what the print critics and Blog-o-sphere deem the best of TV in 2006. Those can be e-mailed to me.

And just because I love you so much, check out this dude and wonder why, exactly, he's not dead.

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