Monday, January 08, 2007

The Arcade Fire, "Intervention"

The slowly churned dramatics of The Arcade Fire still seem to work for the most part. Through out "Intervention" you kind of feel like you're in on some joke that no one really wants to reveal the punch line to, but you enjoy yourself in the only way you can enjoy yourself when someone is trying to make you cry--which is to say, not much. Still, there's something about the bombast of the funeral organ (yeah, they haven't quite moved on yet) and Butler with that apprehensive croon of his that still gels so well with the overall Arcade fire aesthetic that, believe it or not, is rather exclusive to them. The track hits about all of the notes that you'd expect it to hit, and pulls about all of the strings you would expect it to pull. It's predictable and mediocre. However, the impressive element lies in the fact that it still manages to be effective in spite of itself. "Who's gonna reset the bone?" "Don't wanna fight, don't wanna die, just wanna hear you cry." These are examples of useless melodrama that The Arcade Fire can wield to their advantage at any given moment. That is, and has always been, their power: creating emotional resonance through theatrical pomposity. You hate yourself for liking it so, but you can't really ever get it out of your head.


Todd VanDerWerff said...

Dude, this is awesome.

Though, admittedly, "creating emotional resonance through theatrical pomposity" should be my tagline or something.

Daniel said...

I had you in mind all along.