Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Just got done with a column, which, hopefully, will be linked to tomorrow night (a review of 24's sixth season opener, which I'm sure you're all thrilled about), so just some links for now.

Before you ask, we will be covering American Idol here at the SDD this year. Libby will be giving her wrapups of the competition rounds from week to week, but we won't be doing any roundups of the audition rounds because a.) they're mean and b.) we can't influence them anyway.

--This is a year old, but it's hilarious, so that's all that matters. Furthermore, if you are a writer of the fictional novel type persuasion, Miss Snark is the place to be. She's more into potboilers than you might be, but so is most of America. (And yes, I know everyone else knew about this roughly fifty years ago. I'm late. Sorry.)

--I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way about Archie Andrews and the gang.

--Glenn Greenwald socks it to the right wing blogosphere on this latest, manufactured non-controversy about the legitimacy of the AP's reporting.

--John Rogers is convinced the network television model as we understand it heard its death knell this week.

--I feel remiss in not having posted this before, but Edward Copeland is running another Oscar survey. This year's topic? Best and worst Best Actress winners. It's a topic that I'm surprised to find I don't know a lot about (I've seen 95% or so of the Best Picture nominees and all of the winners, but many, many, many Best Actress winners aren't from Best Picture nominees), so I'll probably not vote, but you can read the qualifications here. And please vote. Copeland will go. . .INSANE if you don't.

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