Friday, January 19, 2007

"Imagine Christmas wishes shooting out of your eyes": 30 Rock

First, congrats to Alec Baldwin. A well-deserved Golden Globe win, sir.

Second, spoilers within!

Okay. When I reviewed the script of this, I said it felt rather like a backstage Scrubs, but when I finally saw the pilot, I wasn't sure that was the case anymore -- the pace was a little slower and the tone was a little zanier (Scrubs mixes pathos and comedy -- sometimes awkwardly). Gradually, though, 30 Rock HAS turned into a backstage Scrubs.

The first indication of this was in the cutaways to the odd sight gags in the show. The second was in the mentor-ish relationship between Tina Fey's Liz Lemon and Baldwin's Jack Donaghy. But what's really driven it home is just how fast the show has gotten. It's still zany, but it burns through four or five plots per episode -- in this episode alone, we had Tracy's autobiography, Liz and Jenna's dating, Jack and Kenneth's role swap and Kenneth's showbiz dreams. All of this was ridiculously funny, but some of it felt rushed by.

Oh, who am I kidding, this show makes me laugh more than any other show on TV right now.

Some highlights.

--Jack's attempts to choose between various new shows for the network (my favorite -- the talk show without a host, just the voice of the dead woman from Desperate Housewives).

--Liz's nerdiness shining through (the Star Wars references and her love for Heroes, in particular).

--Tracy Jordan's Christmas album (quoted from above).

--The homeless man -- "Gimme your fingernails!"

--Liz's attempts to dissuade "the hair." "If you're a gay guy looking for a beard, well, I don't do that anymore."

The one thing I didn't like is that the show went back on the two fairly major plot developments -- it turned out Liz was dating a third cousin, and the TV show Kenneth created was too easy, leading to his career ending in ruin (though he was oblivious, of course). Change is coming for these characters, it seems, but often incrementally. Ah, well. They can't all be The Wire.

Did you watch?

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Daniel said...

This is quickly becoming my favorite show. It sounds hyperbolic...but I am pretty sure I mean that.