Wednesday, January 24, 2007

In Da Club (w/ the sniffling indie kids): New Tracks from LCD Soundsystem and !!! (Chk Chk Chk)

There are certain things you just have to accept about James Murphy. One of those things is that he is not as good as he thinks he is. However, another one of those things is that he's not as bad as some backlash bloggers would have you believe either. DFA is, by and large, something of mystery to me in terms of popularity but it is hard to flat-out deny talent when it's put in front of your face. "North American Scum," the first bit of music to surface from LCD Soundsystems forthcoming Sophomore LP Sounds of Silver, is an unassuming little romp filled with that offcentre swagger that Murphy pulls off so annoyingly well. An only mildly ironic love letter to the idea of being a yank, its dirty guitar hook and disco-funk mentality meld with Murphy's sardonic yelp creating a legitamitely headbanging club anthem that ranks somewhere in the middle on the "Is the new album worth checking out?" scale. On the other end of the dance floor we have OG Dance-punkers, !!! readying a new LP as well. The first droplet we get of Myth Takes is "Heart of Hearts," a lo-fi masterpiece, that finds !!! at a stylistic and organic peak. The tingling synth, the muffled bassline, the subtly abrasive vocals and slightly off-key harmonies. A dark and simplistic journey of heartbreak with only the cold sting of real emotion "Heart of Hearts" is both a genuine dance treat and a layered "mood" piece that ends far too soon. In the end, I await both albums with definite degrees of guarded excitement.

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