Friday, January 19, 2007

"It all started with a penny in the door": Scrubs

It's actually difficult to say much about this episode that hasn't been said--NBC did a good job promoting it, and it's too bad that it didn't seem to put much of a bounce in the show's ratings. Nonetheless, for a musical episode, a gimmick that can have wildly mixed results (for example, David E. Kelly's attempts at it have never impressed me, but who doesn't love Once More With Feeling), it was a job well done.

In these non-professional situations it's all about effort, and it helped that the cast really went for it. Judy Reyes (who looked more luminous than usual) was particularly good, making a real go of Carla's tango with Turk. And John C. McGinley's little Gilbert & Sullivan monologue number was even better, so much so that I wish there could have been more of him. Obviously the two standouts were JD & Turk's duets "Guy Love" and "Everything Comes Down To Poo", both of which NBC had previously posted on YouTube in an impressive bit of viral marketing. They emphasized the effortless, adorable chemistry Zach Braff and Donald Faison have always had--there's just no TV couple that feels more like one in real life. I've always loved them most about Scrubs, more than the zany fantasy sequences or Dr. Cox's fiery ranting.

Other standout things:

--Stephanie D'Abruzzo! Even without a puppet on her arm she's still awfully cute and a great singer. Someone get her a TV contract!

--Ted's band The Worthless Peons, making an appearance. We don't see enough of them these days. A musical episode was a great excuse to feature them heavily and it's too bad there wasn't more of them, or even just Ted alone.

--Turk dancing. Duh. He should do that at like, the Oscars or the Nobel Prizes or something.

--"I was shot!" "Check the poo!"

The real question is, will this start a trend? Maybe the ratings weren't as high as NBC would have hoped, but you can't deny the buzz it generated. Me, I'm looking forward to Sawyer and Locke breaking into song. Or maybe Jack and Chloe? The cast of Rescue Me? Anyone else have an opinion?

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Todd VanDerWerff said...

What? You haven't seen the Chicago Hope musical?

That was GENIUS!

That said, I liked this quite a bit, especially as it never violated its musical "rules." However, there was a lot in the structure that owed a real debt to Once More With Feeling.

At any rate, much better than that crazy 7th Heaven musical.