Friday, January 19, 2007

"It has become physically impossible to kiss your face": Grey's Anatomy

It's been a very mixed season so far for Grey's Anatomy, current king of the zeitgeist. But this two parter "Six Days" has helped to wrap up some of the less savory storylines in typically dramatic fashion.

It also introduced a new hospital couple, Addison and Alex ('Addisex', for those of you not in the know), which I'm far more dubious about. Now, I'm well aware that Grey's is shameless in throwing its cast into every possible pair situation possible, but I just can't see this one lasting. Their little clumsy, stammering, supposedly adorable routine was cute enough in this episode, but how much do they actually have in common, apart from being good-looking, single and looking for some fun? Then again, I guess I would have cocked an eyebrow if someone had mentioned hooking up Ryan and Taylor on The O.C. last year, so I guess I'll give them a shot. All that aside, Kate Walsh is easily doing the show's best work currently, probably because Addison is one of the least compromised characters on the show. Her major revelation this week, that she aborted Mark's baby, was delivered in the perfect way: almost offhand, not over-the-top at all. Walsh played it just perfectly.

Derek and Meredith's micro-drama over these two episodes seemed almost like a joke by the show's writers, like, what else could possibly impede these two? Even when insulting each other they had enjoyably brittle banter and the resolution, especially bringing in Meredith's sweet little milquetoast of a father for advice, was nicely done.

Definitely the best thing about the two-parter was T.R. Knight's performance, not that he didn't have a totally Emmy-baiting storyline (totally worth it if he gets the nomination!). It's the first time that I've really believed in him and Callie, though I've always liked them--them kissing over his dad's urine output and then holding hands in the farting scene were both fine moments, balancing the super-drama of his dad's plight well. And not to get too heavily into the media fracas involving Knight and Isaiah Washington, but it's interesting how great their scenes together were yesterday. In fact, they've always been a good pair. Just goes to show how well-hidden such strife can be through solid acting. Even though I feel Washington basically has to be written out of the show because of his behavior, I was reminded that I actually do like the Burke character. It's a shame that this season, flawed as it has been, has been so massively overshadowed by off-set drama. Here's to some great water-cooler television (if you haven't heard about the upcoming ferryboat disaster episode yet, you will!) in the coming months.

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