Friday, January 26, 2007

Messy love lives, secrets, and sillyness: Grey's Anatomy

Grey's broke out a few pretty ancient plots this week with rather mixed results. First off was Bailey's out-of-the-blue proposal for a free clinic in Seattle Grace. Now, the free clinic is a domain many a hospital show has touched upon--I remember Carol's attempts at setting one up in ER and Elliot getting stuck working at one in Scrubs. It seems quite unusual that Seattle Grace would have one, though, and even more unusual that a surgeon would push for its creation. They tried to sell Bailey's conviction with her impassioned speech to the attendings, and Chandra Wilson almost pulled it off, but I just don't buy it. Seems more like a storyline created out of the need for Izzie to donate money, than something Miranda would REALLY go for on her own.

Another story reeking of mothballs was the Amish (or in this case, as Todd has informed me, Pennsylvania Dutch) patient and her moon-faced parents. Even as far as Amish stories go, this one was particularly hackneyed. The shunning! The slow-motion hugging! The beards! Just too, too much. Also, the ambiguity of the patient and her shunned friend's relationship was strange. They seemed to just be BFFs, but they were emotionally intimate to the point of being lovers. Had me confused the whole time.

A really rather dormant plot, the Shepherd/Burke rivalry, was re-awakened here with the Chief's rumored departure (as many may remember, he promised his job to both McDreamy and McControversial in the first season). Better was Mark and Addison's interest in the job. Addison should stick to the OBGYN as she works well on the surgical floor, but Mark would actually be an inspired choice for the job. He's got the potential to be a really fun character, but the writers haven't advanced him much at all--he's still trading barbs with Derek/Addison and ordering the interns to get him coffee. Having him in a position of authority could make him kind of a Rocket Romano figure for the show. Then again, it might be a disastrous idea, I don't know. But gosh, he needs to do something!

Other talking points:
--Callie/Cristina was a fun pairing as they're both tougher and more straightforward than Izzie or Meredith (who, with the McDreamy drama resolved for now, has very little to do). More of that in the future, please!
--T.R. Knight continues to deliver strong stuff in the wake of O'Malley Sr.'s death. Nicely understated and really very sweet, it all seems true to his character. Plus they had him and Izzie rekindling the friend chemistry, which there has been far too little of this season.
--Chief Webber was great, and reminded me that he should get more dramatic stuff. If they do lose him, it'll be a shame, cause he's a great figure on the show.
--Two more proposals (enough already!), both of which I could go either way on. I'm just bored of TV marriage these days. It's happening too much and too fast. I figure one proposal is going to be accepted and another rejected (probably Callie accepting and Cristina rejecting), but I may well be wrong.

The next new episode begins the big three-part arc that includes a supposedly epic ferryboat fire. Topping "It's the End of the World as we Know It" will be tough to do, but here's looking forward to it!

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