Friday, January 26, 2007

"My mom's kinda like Idi Amin with fake boobs": The O.C.

As always, beware of spoilers.

One has to admire the audacity of The O.C. as it draws to a close. Four episodes to go, and this episode spent most of its time on...well, not really anything at all. Taylor and Ryan's brief breakup was reconciled within 40 minutes, Che tried to woo Seth and free a groundhog but failed at both, and Summer did (from what I could tell) absolutely nothing at all. Funny that an episode with two major revelations (Kirsten's pregnancy and Julie's engagement) seemed so slight.

It wasn't so bad, though. Kirsten breaking the news to Sandy (and his awesome birthday gift) was very nicely done. Too bad that, after about two seasons of Mrs. Cohen basically twiddling her thumbs, she finally has a storyline with some significance--just as the show wraps up! No matter, it was a nice idea anyway. Less of a good idea is Julie's secret affair with Frank Atwood--where's his appeal, exactly? It's not like he's rich, charismatic or much of a father figure. Not only that, but he was going to propose to Julie on the same night as Bullet?! How long have all of these people known each other? With Friday Night Lights and Grey's Anatomy featuring proposals as well, I'm growing exhausted with that particular plot twist.

Say what you will about the Bullet (Gary Grubbs, who's giving the same performance he always seems to give, but with better one-liners) but this episode drove home his strengths as a potential partner vs. Frank rather well, if quite bluntly. His father-figure relationship with Kaitlin is especially zingy fun. Not that it really matters who Julie ends up with anyway, considering the rate she goes through men. Personally I'd like to see Dr. Roberts return. Having him duck out to Seattle did generate more fun in the Cooper household, but now that everything's wrapping up he should really ride back into Newport, in my opinion. He's really the only man who's ever seemed particularly right for Julie.

The more inane teenager plots were carried off by the cast, but just barely. Che and Seth probably had the best material with their couple-y moments (the 'favorite snowcone flavor' conversation, for example). Taylor and the couples therapist could have been played for more laughs, because there certainly wasn't much dramatic punch to it. I think renowned show-snuffer Allison LaPlaca could have played the role crazier, but who am I to judge? It's not like she could get this show MORE cancelled.

Four to go! Anyone else still watching?

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