Thursday, January 25, 2007

"No one sees me!": Heroes

Spoilers follow.

What was funniest about the return of Heroes for me was that after all the concentrated craziness everyone on the show's endured (like Lost, I think every episode on this show is usually contained within a day), there was a two-week lull in adventure. Apparently Sylar's been curled up in a drug cloud, Matt's been hanging around HRG's paper factory, and Claire's been faking selective amnesia. But now the high-octane, twist-a-minute cliffhanging thrill-ride of a show we love is back with a BANG, right? Right?

Sadly, not quite--the episode 'Godsend' mostly laid groundwork for new arcs, as well as asking "are you on the list?" for the first of what I assume will be many, many incessant times. Still, new Heroes is better than no Heroes, and with 24's return not quite living up to expectations (see Todd's post below) I'm willing to settle for the odd slow-burner as long as Tim Kring plunges us back into the action soon enough.

Plus, there was some stuff to love in this episode. I've definitely missed Hiro's cartoonish antics, for one thing. Hanging his head when he discovered that his magic sword was a fake, or when he made the wooshing sound on "FLYING MAN" quieter after Nathan chided him--he's just so darn lovable! Oddly enough, he's a good pair with Nathan, too. When Nathan congratulated Hiro on hooking up with his Texan waitress (we miss you, Jayma Mays!), I couldn't help but giggle. Also, his fake fight with the dinosaur was cute. Thank god they've gotten that mini-mystery out of the way and we won't ever have to sit through a Jurassic-Park-with-bad-CGI action sequence.

Also, Jack Coleman continues to do a stand-up job with a total cypher of a character. HRG could have been a typical Man in Black, but instead he's this fun mix of creepy dad and caring dad, plus he's both a nasty boss and clearly a beleagured subordinate (like one of my favorite semi-villains, Ira Gaines of 24 Season 1). I thought about his role in the show turning into a Professor X-type mentor to the heroes, but I'm not so sure it'll be that clear-cut after all. After all, he is still rather creepy. Also, kudos to the writers for making the Haitian more than just "scary silent black dude". Because honestly, that's only mysterious for a couple episodes at the most.

Other good stuff:
-Radiation man making big balls of zap with his hands is pretty cool. Kind of a more old-school power, plus he's clearly going to have a big run-in with Peter, if ya know what I mean.
-Also, hello, CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON? Only about 30 seconds of him, but still, yay! A real casting coup.

Bad stuff:
-Niki, Niki, Niki. I just can't handle the whole "I'm Niki" *turns head* "I'M JESSICA! BOO!" thing. It's too cringeworthy. I really hope they kill her off, but I'm resigned to her not going anywhere.
-Simone. Now here's a killable character. Does she ever do anything? Odds on her dying before the season finale? Evens!
-D.L. and Micah, while fine together, are too separated from the rest of the storyline. Plus D.L. hasn't really developed a personality yet, he's basically just your standard loving dad cypher. Give them something to do!

Anyone else got anything to say? (Sorry this is about three hundred years late. But I have now taken the last exams of my life, so no more lateness in the future!)

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