Friday, January 19, 2007

The review schedule

David and I are splitting up reviewing duties on some of our favorite shows. If you want to join the fun, e-mail me or post in the comments about the show you'd like to cover from week-to-week. We can't do it all! Shows of PARTICULAR interest are listed.

Battlestar Galactica (Todd -- linked to House Next Door reviews)
Brothers & Sisters (David)
Entourage (David -- when it returns)
Extras (Todd)
Rome (David)
Showtime series (Todd)
The Sopranos (Todd -- when it returns)

Shows of interest we're not covering:
The Amazing Race (starts in February)
The Apprentice
Cold Case
Desperate Housewives
Dresden Files
Fox animated comedies (can be done as one entry)
Without a Trace

24 (Todd)
Everybody Hates Chris (Todd)
Heroes (David)
How I Met Your Mother (Todd)
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (Todd) -- I mean, if Aaron Sorkin hates me. . .

Shows of interest we're not covering:
The Bachelor
The Class
Dancing with the Stars
The New Adventures of Old Christine
Prison Break
Two-and-a-Half Men
What About Brian?

American Idol (Libby)
FX Shows (David)
Gilmore Girls (David)
House (David)
Veronica Mars (Todd)

Shows of interest we're not covering:
Boston Legal
Law & Order: SVU
The Unit

America's Next Top Model (Libby)
American Idol (Libby)
Friday Night Lights (Todd)
The Knights of Prosperity (Todd)
Lost (Todd)

Shows of interest we're not covering:
Criminal Minds
One Tree Hill

30 Rock (Todd)
ER (David)
Grey's Anatomy (David)
My Name Is Earl (Todd)
The O.C. (David)
The Office (Todd)
Scrubs (David)
Ugly Betty (Todd)

Shows of interest we're not covering:
Men in Trees

Like a show on Fridays? Let us know. You'll get first dibs!

Of course, all of this will change and shift up. But if you want a show, let us know. Join the SDD family!

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