Thursday, January 11, 2007

South Dakota Exclusive!: Two Tracks from the Upcoming Album "Some Loud Thunder" by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

This isn't actually an exclusive at all. I just like saying that. You can listen as well right here.

1) "Satan Said Dance"

The deliberately eerie framing here is key, because it never seems forced even though it really is. Computer chirps, static bassline, xylophone droplets, all gaining momentum with no real destination. Ounsworth and his sparse chimes, still with that Byrne swagger, is an exhaustive testament to the disconnect between words and timbre. "Satan, Satan, Satan, Satan, Satan, Satan, Satan, Satan.." never sounded so delicately earnest, I would wager. "Satan Said Dance" is abrupt, imposing, curious, and addictive. We're off to a good start here.

2) "Underwater You and Me"

This seems to be more in the vein of their debut, if not a bit more dreamy--or, more accurately, boring. It has an obvious 60's Chamber Pop feel to it, but the whole aura is all so very tedious. It gallops along at an even pace with those fluttering guitars and vocal peaks with no actual sharp edges. Though purposely monotonous, it fails to be purposeful. Very much a filler track (I hope.) Sure, it goes down easy, but it is just as forgettable as it lets itself be.

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