Monday, February 26, 2007

"Barging into a men's room isn't worried. It's obsessed.": 24

So I missed about ten minutes of this in the middle, thanks to a power outage. I've managed to piece together what happened in the gap, but if I don't comment on something you particularly liked in there, let me know in the comments.

Not the best episode of 24 ever (and far from the best season, it's becoming clear), but Charles Logan (the disgraced ex-president) was good enough to give the episode a bit of a boost, thanks largely to his uneasy chemistry with Jack Bauer. The writers played the Logan card well, and I hope they don't kill him off. I can't imagine how they'll get him to the end of the season without redeeming him (something which should not happen), but I do hope that they manage to get him there, because he and Jack make a fun team.

Other than that, the episode had its moments, but it wasn't as strong as 24 can be. Ending with an explosion was OK (if passe for this show), but I do hope they haven't killed Assad, who's one of the best new characters the show added this season. Alexander Siddig has added a lot to his scenes, and his partnership with Jack was the best thing about the first four episodes (aside from the nuclear bomb twist at the end of episode four -- speaking of which, what happened to that?). It looks like Assad sacrificed his life to save the president, and I'm not sure that's a fair trade. Might have been more fun to see Assad try to convince everyone he wasn't behind the bomb, all evidence to the contrary, then try to uncover the conspirators in President Palmer's midst. Still, could Chad Lowe sound ANY more like Rob Lowe?

The CTU scenes were, once again, the frustrating weak link (though it seems that I probably missed the bulk of them in my outage gap). I love seeing Chloe, but she's been saddled with a ridiculous storyline, and her concern over Morris (quoted above) is the disappointing story in every episode. I realize it's hard to wed office politics to this format, so why not send Chloe out and about again? So many of her great moments involve her out in the middle of the fight, whether that involves saving the world on a hotel WiFi connection or taking out terrorists with a machine gun. Get Chloe out from behind the desk!

So did I miss anything important, compadres?


Todd VanDerWerff said...

Hey, everybody.

Watched HIMYM, but due to circumstances beyond my control (i.e.: Libby wanting to play a computer game), I didn't get to blog it. I'll do so tonight. The short: I liked a lot.

See, this is why we need a laptop.

David Sims said...

HIMYM was so good. Way better than this stuff.