Monday, February 05, 2007

The best (and worst) of the Super Bowl ads

It was a rather lackluster year for Super Bowl ads, all told. What's more, the game itself was nothing to write home about.

But here are Todd and Libby's choices for the five best and five worst Super Bowl ads. If you can't get the embedded clips to work, check out the iFilm showcase here.

The Best:

1.) Emerald Nuts -- Robert Goulet goes nuts

The best Super Bowl ads (to us) are always the slightly surreal ones, and this one was the sort of daft absurdism that wakes you up in the third quarter. Just when you think it's maybe a tired one-joke ad, you get the sight of Goulet crawling on the ceiling.

2.) Bud Light -- Axe Man

The "arc" of the beer commercial, as it were, is that there's absolutely nothing the protagonist won't do to get the beer advertised. This clip takes that to its logical extreme and has a great closing joke.

3.) -- Pit Fight

The ads of years ago (the ones with the kids talking about how they wanted to work their way up to middle management) set the tone for these sorts of ads -- nobody wants a soul-sucking office job. This one adds lots of physical comedy to that general theme and also has a flailing delivery man.

4.) Sierra Mist -- Beard Comb-over

Jim Gaffigan is funny, and he really makes this spot worthwhile. Without him, it's a pretty lame sight gag. But with him, it's bizarre perfection.

5.) Coca Cola -- Happiness Factory

This has been playing in theaters for months. There's nothing all that special about it, but I really like the idea that some bizarre fantasyland is inside of all Coca Cola machines. Is it too much to ask for a blatantly Coke-promoting movie spinoff?

Others we liked, devoid of commentary:

The Worst:

1.) -- Some guy does stuff

Honestly, just. . .no.

2.) Flomax -- Here's to men and their urinary tracts

Finally, the world is safe for old men to pee again.

3.) -- Sexy marketing

I've never liked this campaign. Yes. Sexy women. But how does that help me get a Web site?

4.) Revlon -- A long-ass ad about Sheryl Crow

Honestly, who's the target market here? The women watching the Super Bowl and the men who style them?

5.) Coca Cola -- Black History Month

Did you know that Coke was instrumental in the civil rights movement? And that nothing of note has happened to black people since the 1960s? Well, both of those statements are, apparently, true.

Others we loathed:

Special award for the ad that seems funny until you realize it came from a company that just laid off a bunch of people:

Special award for best network promo:

We'll see you guys next year!

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