Thursday, February 01, 2007

"From now on, you livin' on the down low.": The Knights of Prosperity

Once again, as the only person in America watching this, I feel it is my duty to report to you what, exactly, is going on.

I think this was probably the funniest episode of the series' run so far. And that's not because the writers suddenly hit a groove or anything. It's because they realized that pretty much anything they give to Rockefeller to say in his basso voice will become, by its very nature, hilarious. Even the speech about how Eugene would fall into a homosexual love he couldn't understand was funny (despite being rather predictable), just because it was a long monologue delivered by the guy.

But there was some good guest casting here too. Milwaukee's own (I should know -- he lives in my former neighborhood!) Dustin Diamond acquitted himself well as a slightly heightened version of himself (and the business with when to call him Screech and when not to call him Screech was funny), and comedian Ben Bailey was a nice choice as the guy who falls in love with Eugene. (I should note that this plotline has become well-worn, and the only thing that made the tired knee-jerk homophobia of the guys not completely unsalvageable was Eugene's devotion to not screwing over a working stiff, regardless of orientation -- okay, and that giant pink bear was pretty funny too.)

I like the way the cast is becoming a true ensemble -- the intern isn't horribly well implemented (and is another butt of tiresome jokes), and Sofia Vegara is still wasted, but the other guys have an easy rapport that's starting to really gel. It's too bad that this show won't get a second season to click, because I think it really would have.

There's not a lot more to say about this episode, but if you had one that you were going to check out to convince you to pick up the show, this would be it. Check it out on the ABC Web site and see what you think.

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