Tuesday, February 06, 2007

"I just want to go to Holland!" - Prison Break


This week’s Prison Break suffered from some ludicrous and deathly uninteresting plot turns; so basically it was business was usual. First there was the whole train set-piece. Now, I’ve gotten used to the brothers constantly evading the law through the most wretched escape plans known to man, but dressing up train workers to look like them could and should have failed in so many ways. Obviously the show isn’t bothering to keep up the conceit of Michael being a genius. Worse still was the idea that Kim and his government subordinates (including Mahone) would actually make such a fuss just over killing Haywire. The evil Company going to all that trouble - including having their main man take a breather off chasing Schofield - just to find some wacko in case he blabs was a hard sell indeed. And considering Mahone is something of an evil genius, I found it equally hard to believe that he wouldn’t have moaned a bit more about being sent on such a lameass mission.

There was some other stuff going on – T-Bag entertained house guests, C-Note got caught up in a robbery and Bellick threatened Kaley Cuoco – but the only interesting scenes involved Haywire, who sadly died at the end of the episode. Sure his storyline was lame; but they’re all lame, and at least his character had a little depth to him. Mahone also seemed to have an astonishingly easy time convincing him to give up on life - what about Holland, Patoshik? I’m not actually too shook up at the death of course, but it felt like a cheap excuse for the show to off someone just because there hadn’t been a major death in a while.

In the episode’s final minutes, as Mahone assured Haywire that there was a way out, his response got me thinking. “A way out?” he repeated disbelievingly, “Of this maze?” True say, Haywire. It's seeming pretty unlikely that Prison Break will recover from its slump in any noticeably way with its final episodes. I’m usually quite optimistic about my preferred shows but, well, Prison Break isn’t really one of them any more. At least next week will apparently feature the return of Ex-Warden Pope (Stacy Keach). He was a character I always liked, so lets hope they can reintegrate him in a meaningful way

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