Friday, February 16, 2007

"I need you to not freak out": The O.C.

After weeks of stalling, including Taylor's head-spinning insecurities, Seth's slothfully droll wisecracking, Ryan's sudden transformation into normal person and Kirsten getting a real plot that she'll never be able to follow up on, we're now staring the last 40-odd minutes of The O.C. in the face. "The Night Moves" initially had me worried, cause it seemed like an awful lot of nothing to be wasting on the penultimate episode, but it actually turned out to be a great little slice of nostalgia.

Schwartz and the gang seemed intent on throwing sideways winks at longtime fans (honestly, who else is watching these days anyway?) throughout this episode. The best of the lot being Seth's rundown of Ryan's punches and girlfriends (I appreciated the Lindsay shoutout most of all--definitely one of my favorite dropped characters). Having Seth and Ryan buddying up was great too, as a lot of this season has been devoted to Seth/Summer and Ryan/Taylor instead, and emphasizing it with the whole Seth donating blood thing was cute. "The Night Moves" was all about partnerships, actually, be it Julie and Kaitlin solidifying their bond, Summer searching for Pancakes (best animal star ever?), Sandy worrying over the injured Kirsten or Taylor's shark of a mother rearing her head (and promptly being shot with a flare gun) before patching things up with the fabulous Miss Townsend.

I'm sure the series finale is going to have some sort of big event to keep everything suitably memorable, but I'm also hoping that they keep everything basically the same as it was when the dust settled here. All the characters have reached good places and don't feel at all ridiculous anymore, and with the destruction of the Cohen house (beautifully played by everyone in that final scene, particularly Gallagher) there's impetus for everyone to leave Newport. Me, I'm rooting for the Cohens to move back to the Bronx (spinoff, anyone?), and for Julie and Kaitlin to rove across the country solving mysteries (Frank I could live without).

Anyway. ONE EPISODE TO GO. See you next week.

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