Friday, February 09, 2007

“I want you to be there on our wedding day, to see what you lost” - Smallville

A mixed bag this week. Once again Smallville recycles a tired old plotline, with Lana finding herself the victim of a mysterious stalker. However, there was still some interesting stuff going on. Lana commenced her belated ‘investigation’ into Clark’s secret, staring intently at a flattened piece of metal Lex stabbed Clark with last episode. Chloe and Jimmy confronted their relationship issues, offering some welcome relief as the more more believable of the two couples (not to mention adorable). The final scene also offered a welcome confrontation between Clark and Lex, albeit a civil one. Sure this post's title was about as heated as things got, but it’s such a pleasure to see those two spar off that I honestly didn’t care.

It’s really too bad that ‘Trespass’ got so bogged down in a lame stalker storyline, because it could have been a continuation of the run of good episodes the show has recently been enjoying. Instead it felt like more of a downturn, as Lana wandered about dark corridors, haunted hospitals and the severely un-creepy Kent farm looking frightened. It was obvious from the beginning that one of the security guards was behind it – why else would they give those characters names and lines? – yet the final reveal was treated like some sort of major shocker. Still, the whole plotline (even the deathly boring chase scene that followed) could have been saved if there had been some kind of advancement in Lana’s suspicions, but it seems Clark's secret is safe for now. The show has gotten into a good rhythm regarding plot developments in the last few episodes (i.e. there’s been some) so I hope it doesn’t stall again now.

The saving graces of ‘Trespass’ were good old Chloe and Jimmy. They’re such an adorable couple, and every step of their relationship has been easy to swallow. Jimmy’s worries about Clark were justified; yet their eventual reconciliation when he realised he couldn’t live without Chloe was heart-warming and didn’t feel at all too easy, because the chemistry behind Mack and Ashmore is so natural. Lets hope those two aren't going anywhere any time soon.

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